Hydro Essence Emulsion 200ml




• Features This emulsion provides moisture and nutrition to tired and dry skin. It gives vitality to damaged skin and protects the skin from external stimuli. It absorbs into the skin immediately and gives gloss to the skin without greasiness by making the skin comfortable and smooth. Broccoli extract and vitamin U ingredients protect the skin from external stimuli and panthenol ingredient soothes the skin.

• How to Use m 0 1 2 3 4 5 Hydro Essence Emulsion (after 4weeks) Skin soothing Moisturizing Sebum & moisture balance Skin improvement After cleanse and tone your skin, take proper amount of the emulsion and apply gently along the skin texture. Pat the skin lightly to be absorbed into skin. After moisture care, it is used at skin preparation stage before penetration using ultrasound device.

• Key Ingredients -. Sodium Hyaluronate(Hyaluronic Acid) : moisturizing effect -. Oligopeptide-1 : skin cell regeneration, elasticity improvement -. Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Extract : cytokine (induction of inflammation factor) inhibitory agent, soothing care -. Methyl methionine(Vitamin U) : skin cell regeneration, wrinkle improvement

• Volume : 200ml

• Skin Types : Sensitive, dry

• Benefits : Moisturizing

• Concern : Dehydration