BBL Whitening Spot 15ml





Reduce blemishes, freckles and dark circles around eye areas. This product promotes blood circulation and inhibits melanin generation.

It improves skin tone and make the skin look healthy and smooth. The skin will become brighter when applying the product consistently to pigmented areas.

How to Use

After cleanser and toner, apply BBL Whitening Spot to pigmented areas and dark circles. Gently massage for fast absorption. Use this item before using other essences or serum.

Key Ingredients -. Methyl methionine(Vitamin U) : skin cell regeneration, wrinkle improvement -. Niacinamide : whitening -. Galega Officinalis(French Lilac) Extract : whitening, moisturizing effect -. Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract : wrinkle improvement

Volume : 3ml*5ea

Skin Types : All

Benefits : Whitening, Anti-aging

Concern : Darkening, Lacking elasticity