AV Free Spot Control Cream 10ml


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• Features

Acne treatment cream on the face, back and chest. It helps kill the bacteria and reduces the inflammation. Through concentrated application on acne affected areas, AV Free spot control cream will quickly treat the area. Sulfur kills Propionibacterium acne, a bacteria known to cause acne, and vitamin U restores your skin while replenishes skin with nutrients.

• How to Use

After cleanser or toner, apply the cream on affected areas during the day and night. Recommended to apply to areas where theres is excessive sebum secretions.

• Key Ingredients -. Sulfur : trouble care, anti-inflammatory -. Methyl methionine(Vitamin U) : skin cell regeneration, wrinkle improvement

• Volume : 10ml / Skin Types : Acne Skin / Benefits : Trouble care, Anti-inflammatory / Concern : Acne